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  1. Taste of Home Ultimate Beef, Chicken & Pork Cookbook

    Taste of Home Ultimate Beef, Chicken & Pork Cookbook

    Taste of Home Ultimate Beef, Chicken & Pork Cookbook


    From grilled steaks and bacon-wrapped chicken breasts to finger-licking chops and savory roasts, this three-in-one cookbook of meaty favorites promises to satisfy the heartiest of appetites. Take a look inside

    Taste of Home Ultimate Beef, Chicken & Pork Cookbook,

    and you’ll discover stick-to-your-ribs specialties. Dig in to barbecued classics as well as fiery new favorites, and don’t miss the oven-roasted tenderloins, fast stovetop fillets and slow-cooked stews that are sure to become staples at your table. This meaty collection also includes three At-a-Glance Icons to help you create the perfect meal, regardless of your schedule. Best of all, these stick-to-your-ribs delights were tested and approved by the Taste of Home Test Kitchen pros so you know that every dish will turn out perfect!  (hard cover)

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  2. Taste of Home Affordable Eats 2019 (Undated)

    Taste of Home Affordable Eats 2019 (Undated)

    Taste of Home Affordable Eats

    Cut down grocery bills, save time and serve the foods your family craves with Taste of Home Affordable Eats Cookbook.  Think it can't be done?  Let this new book show you how easy it is to eat right when cash is tight.

    Serve up main dishes such as Sirloin Stir - Fry, Effortless Alfredo Pizza, Garlic Lemon Shrimp and Stovetop Cheeseburger Pasta.  Or sink your teeth into treats such as Apple Dumpling Bake, Root Beer Float Pie and Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake.  They all keep the emphasis on flavor without taking a bite out of your budget.

    You'll even find bargain breakfasts and money-savvy lunch ideas, as well as side dishes, salads, sandwiches and soups that cash in on taste without breaking the bank. 
    (soft cover)
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  3. Taste of Home What Can I Cook In My Instant Pot, Air Fryer, Waffle Iron & More

    Taste of Home What Can I Cook In My Instant Pot, Air Fryer, Waffle Iron & More

    Regular Price: $17.99

    Special Price: $15.99

    Taste of Home What Can I Cook In My...Instant Pot, Air Fryer, Waffle Iron & More 

    THE BEST RECIPES FOR ALL YOUR FAVORITE GEAR Cook what you want—how you want—with 207 recipes starring your favorite appliances! With What Can I Cook In My…,you’ll learn the secrets to Instant Pot ® success, use your air fryer with ease and discover sheet-pan dinners today’s cooks rely on weekly. Get the most from your appliances and bakeware with: Quick Instant Pot and air fryer must-try recipes Tasty ideas for spiralizers, cast-iron skillets and more Classics from the slow cooker, waffle iron and other appliances Sensational entrees using muffin tins and sheet pans 100+ hints, hacks, tricks and tips Whether you’re a kitchen novice or a cooking pro, What Can I Cook in My… from the Taste of Home experts will help you whip up a new favorite every night.  (hard cover)

    Best of all, each recipe has been tested and approved by the pros at the Taste of Home Test Kitchen. Make every dish with confidence, knowing it's guaranteed to turn out great. Not only does What Can I Cook in My… include easy to-follow instructions and a complete set of nutrition facts with every recipe, it also features dozens of helpful hints, how-to photos and smart hacks. Take a look inside, and you'll quickly learn how to season and clean your cast-iron skillet, get the most out of your Instant Pot and discover new uses for muffin tins. This incredible book is also packed with information to help you choose the best appliances for you and your family. Similarly, it also features advice for how to properly care for your cooking tools and offers storage and organizing tips. Every good cook loves a great kitchen gadget, so make the most of your appliances and tools tonight. With What Can I Cook in My… , it's never been easier, tastier or more fun!

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  4. Taste of Home Make It Take It 2019 (Dated)

    Taste of Home Make It Take It 2019 (Dated)

    Regular Price: $17.99

    Special Price: $15.99

    Whether you’re heading to a friendly brunch, family barbecue, church picnic or holiday office party, the perfect crowd-pleasing contribution is at your fingertips! No more worrying about what you can bring to the block party, bake sale or baby shower.

    Taste of Home Make It, Take It Cookbook is packed with more than 375 simply impressive bring-a-dish classics. Each recipe is guaranteed to travel well, come together easily and satisfy everyone at the party. In fact, these dishes are so incredible, you’ll want to serve them at home for your own gang to enjoy! 

    • More than 375 crowd-pleasing dishes that serve 10 or more, mean you’ll never have to worry about finding the ideal buffet contribution again. From appetizers and salads that travel well to easy side dishes and sweet treats, the perfect bring-along is always at your fingertips.
    • At-a-Glance icons help you find the recipes that cook up in a slow cooker or freeze well for make-ahead ease.
    • These are the family-approved recipes that today’s home cooks are taking to parties and potlucks—and now they’re sharing the popular dishes with you! 
    • Hosting an event? An entire chapter of main dishes is sure to be your go-to for cooking up a memorial menu.
    • Every recipe was tested at the Taste of Home Test Kitchen so you know each dish is guaranteed come together easily and taste great. You never need to “try a dish out” before an event…they’re all sure to turn out right!
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  5. 2019 Taste of Home Annual Recipes (Dated Version)

    2019 Taste of Home Annual Recipes (Dated Version)


    Savor the latest edition of our bestselling 
Taste of Home Annual Recipes

    Now you can enjoy hundreds of mouthwatering, tried & proven recipes from the past year of Taste of Home
    —plus bonus recipes—all together in one, gorgeously photographed, hardbound cookbook. You'll find appetizers, main dishes, sides, soups, salads, desserts and more!Just look at all you'll enjoy!
    • 500+ recipes—a full year of Taste of Home recipes plus BONUS recipes never published in the magazine!
    • 320-page hardcover edition with thick, glossy pages and easy-to-read type.
    • 400+ gorgeous photos, a delight to page through...pure cooking inspiration!
    • Big variety! Healthy recipes, holiday classics, slow-cooked dishes, potluck pleasers and more!
    • Prep & cook time provided for every dish.
    • Double-indexed for fast, easy lookup.
    Put this all-new cookbook to the test in your own kitchen now! Learn More
  6. 2018 Taste of Home Best of Country Cooking (Undated Version)

    2018 Taste of Home Best of Country Cooking (Undated Version)

    Regular Price: $24.99

    Special Price: $22.99

    300+ Home-Style Recipes & Tips! 

    Delight Your Family with Our BEST, Down-Home Country Favorites!
    You'll love our ALL-NEW Best of Country Cooking 2018 recipe collection. It's packed with delicious, comfort food classics and blue-ribbon, family-favorite recipes—all from real home cooks like you!Just look at all you'll enjoy!
    • 300+ country-inspired recipes, ranging from appetizers to desserts, salads, sandwiches and main dish favorites!
    • 10 irresistible chapters including Slow Cooker, Meals in Minutes and Cooking for Two.
    • Special sections, such as Luscious Lemon Desserts, Quick-Fix Pizzas, Jams & Jellies and more!
    • Blue-ribbon icon throughout highlights Taste of Home contest-winning recipes.
    • Helpful kitchen tips, plus a handy cook's reference guide.
     Put this all-new collection to the test in your own kitchen today. Learn More
  7. 2018 Taste of Home Holidays & Celebrations (Undated Version)

    2018 Taste of Home Holidays & Celebrations (Undated Version)

    Regular Price: $24.99

    Special Price: $22.99

    300+ Festive Recipes & Tips

    Introducing Taste of Home Holiday & Celebrations 2018
    , the only cookbook that makes it unbelievably easy to create unforgettable family gatherings—all year long!

    You'll host the holidays like never before with ready-planned menus, fun crafts and time-saving tips for Christmas traditions..."egg-cellent" Easter brunches...bountiful Thanksgiving feasts..."spook-tacular" Halloween treats and more!
    • Discover 300+ holiday-special recipes & tips for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and more!
    • Simplify entertaining with 12 ready-planned menus.
    • Dazzle guests with can-do decorating ideas & homemade gifts.
    • Enjoy prep & cook times for every dish.
    • Easily plan with full-color photos and easy-to-read type.
    • Find recipes & ideas fast with handy double index.
    Put this special entertaining collection to the test in your own kitchen.  Learn More
  8. Taste of Home Christmas

    Taste of Home Christmas

    Regular Price: $17.99

    Special Price: $15.99

    Create a little magic this season with the all-new Taste of Home Christmas!

    More than 350 recipes, easy crafts, decorating ideas, yuletide hints and kitchen timesavers help you turn homemade holidays into lifelong memories. Tempting appetizers, savory main courses, delicious sides, golden breads and impressive desserts offer everything you need to create a stunning holiday spread. Six complete Christmas dinner menus range from formal and elegant to cozy and intimate, and a chapter devoted to party planning is your guide to turning your home into a hub of holiday cheer. Buttery cookies made for sharing, sweet candies and confections, even delightful food gifts perfect for teachers, neighbors and anyone on your Christmas list—they’re all here.
    This year, promise to make your season merry and bright with the brand-new
    Taste of Home Christmas!

    • Six complete dinner menus.  
    • Seven holiday parties.
    • Cookies, cookies & more cookies.
    • Easy crafts & decor.
    • Gifts from the kitchen. Bonus Thanksgiving chapter. 
    Learn More
  9. Taste of Home Instant Pot Cookbook

    Taste of Home Instant Pot Cookbook

    For fast-to-fix dinners, you can’t beat the convenience of an Instant Pot! That’s why these electric pressure cookers are the latest rage in homes across the country. Now you can make the most of this timesaving tool with Taste of Home Instant Pot Cookbook! Inside you’ll find a mouthwatering assortment of appetizers, entrees, sides and more—all made easy in the Instant Pot. Need a hearty weeknight dinner in a hurry? Whip up Saucy Mesquite Ribs. Looking for a meal-in-one dish that beats the clock? Consider Chicken Curry with Basmati Rice. You’ll find these recipes as well as easy breakfast dishes, finger-licking sandwiches and no-stress sides…all made quick in the Instant Pot. Dig into the comforting goodness you crave any day of the week. With the 175 recipes in Taste of Home Instant Pot Cookbook, it’s never been easier!  (soft cover)

    Learn More
  10. Taste of Home 5 Ingredient Recipes

    Taste of Home 5 Ingredient Recipes

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price: $17.99


    Put money back in your wallet and time back in your schedule with the delectable recipes in Taste of Home 5-Ingredient Recipes!

    It’s true! You can whip up mouthwatering family favorites with only a fraction of the time, effort and cost you’d expect. The proof’s inside: 149 sensational dishes
    , each calling for just a handful of items. From weeknight meals and after-school snacks to impressive entrees and holiday desserts, these no-fuss recipes start with just 5 ingredients—or fewer. What could be easier?
    • 149 fast & easy recipes made with five ingredients or fewer (minus water, salt, pepper and oils).
    • Big variety! Soups & Sandwiches, Beef & Pork, Sweets & Desserts and more!
    • Handy Test Kitchen tips tell you how to cut kitchen time and save money.
    • Helpful reader reviews and time-saving tips from the Taste of Home community.
    • 112 pages, hardcover with easy-to-read type and mouthwatering color photos.
      Learn More

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