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  1. Run Your Fat Off

    Run Your Fat Off

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price: $16.99

    Run Your Fat Off covers everything you need to know to lose the most weight through running, from what shoes to buy to what to eat--and, of course, how often, how fast, and how far you need to run. The complete running “diet” includes the best combination of different types of runs (aerobic runs, long runs, interval runs, hill runs, etc.) to lose weight and keep it off. Learn More
  2. 60 Second Sweat: Get a Rock-Hard Body 1 Minute at a Time

    60 Second Sweat: Get a Rock-Hard Body 1 Minute at a Time

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price: $16.99

    The days of inefficient, archaic, time-consuming, unsafe, and impractical fitness workouts are over. Based on the most up-to-date principles in modern exercise science, the 60-Second Sweat is a program, not just a workout. If you want to be able to hit the slopes, play in your company softball tournament, feel confident in your swimsuit . . . or just keep up with your kids and get up off the floor without a challenge . . . then you need the 60-Second Sweat. The programs in this book will help you attain phenomenal and sustainable fitness, safely and realistically—1 minute at a time. Learn More
  3. Doctor's Favorite Natural Remedies - Paperback

    Doctor's Favorite Natural Remedies - Paperback

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price: $15.99

    This comprehensive A-Z guide covers 90 everyday health conditions and includes 170 natural remedies to combat them. Learn More
  4. The Survival Doctor's Complete Handbook

    The Survival Doctor's Complete Handbook

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price: $12.99

    What to Do When Help Is NOT on the Way Learn More
  5. Reader's Digest Quintessential Guide to Gardening

    Reader's Digest Quintessential Guide to Gardening

    Regular Price: $14.99

    Special Price: $11.99

    An A-Z guide covering everything from acid soil to zucchini, the hints and tips you will find have been culled from leading horticulturists and accomplished home gardeners from all over the country.

    The Reader’s Digest Quintessential Guides do what the Reader’s Digest does better than anyone: the best advice, straight to the point.
    Inside you'll find:What to Grow Where
    • Design Gardens for Beauty and Productivity
    • Deal with Plant Diseases, Pests, and Weeds
    • Pick the Right Tools
    • And Much More!
    Learn More
  6. Reader's Digest Quintessential Guide to Healthy Eating

    Reader's Digest Quintessential Guide to Healthy Eating

    Regular Price: $14.99

    Special Price: $11.99

    A clear, fresh and frequently surprising guide to good, nutritious food; Inside you will find expert, unbaised information on what is good for us and what is not. The Reader’s Digest Quintessential Guides do what the Reader’s Digest does better than anyone: the best advice, straight to the point. It will help you sort out the facts, clearing the path to the best, healthiest food for your well being.

    Inside you will learn:

    • The best food to avoid
    • The best food to seek out how to transform your diet for better health and still savor and enjoy great-tasting food
    • This is your basic guide to modern nutrition, covering hundereds of everyday foods and ingredients.
    Learn More
  7. The Big Fat Truth

    The Big Fat Truth

    Regular Price: $24.99

    Special Price: $14.99

    Fix Your Head to Lose the Weight

    From the man who created weight loss television comes a no-holds-barred guide to shedding the pounds for good, using the same problem-solving and motivational skills used so successfully with reality show contestants. Every fat person (yes, “fat person”—there’ll be no sugarcoating here) knows that you need to move more and eat less to shed pounds. Not exactly rocket science. Yet that simple formula doesn’t get to the root of what makes someone top out at 500 pounds, or sometimes just carry an extra fifty.

    The big fat truth is that the secret to weight loss is what’s in your head. Viewers of Extreme Weight Loss, The Biggest Loser, The Revolution and other transformational shows have seen the “technicians”—the trainers, the nutritionists, the doctors, and other health pros who appear on-screen—but they’ve never seen the heart and soul behind these amazing makeovers.

    That would be JD Roth, the behind-the-scenes wizard who created weight loss television. Intimately involved in casting the shows’ contestants, he’s the guy whose picture they tape onto their elliptical trainers and angrily scream at each night—then hug out of gratitude the next morning. He’s the guy who holds them when they cry and the one who tells them they need to get back on the treadmill even though they’re crying. JD is the tough-love dad for the contestants on these shows—love being the operative word. Because it’s not just TV to JD; he’s on a mission to change your life. In The Big Fat Truth, JD will help you unearth the real reasons you’re overweight (and it’s not because you love food!).

    Then he’ll show you how to create your own reality show and shake up your life to do the impossible. Included throughout are inspiring stories, advice, and before-and-after photos from people JD has helped to lose weight (both on camera and off), along with quick tips for how to stay accountable and a 30-day plan for putting this advice into action. Learn More
  8. Reverse Diabetes Forever

    Reverse Diabetes Forever

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price: $16.99

    Newly updated with the latest science, Reverse Diabetes Forever offers more than 700 tips, plans, and recipes to beat diabetes.
    The only guide you'll ever need to mastering diabetes (type 1 or type 2), once and for all. In this comprehensive book, you'll find the latest science and expert advice that enables you--at long last--to take control. You'll learn how to shop, cook, and eat. Learn how to transform your favorite comfort foods into delectable, diet-friendly meals (your family won't know you've changed a thing) that'll get you out of the kitchen fast. Beyond learning to eat well, defeating diabetes means learning how to be more active.
    It's easier than you think! Cherry-pick from the menu of easy exercises until you've created a 15-minute workout that will trim your tummy and bring your blood sugar numbers down. What's more, you'll come to understand how insidious stress can be. It actually raises blood sugar and lowers your mood, making eating and moving more healthfully a nearly insurmountable challenge. Find scores of smart tips for putting a limit on your daily stresses and banking sleep on the weekend (sleep is the top stress-busting secret of all time).
    In addition, you’ll discover:
    • The very best foods to eat every day for stable blood sugar
    • The “active living pyramid,” a simple guide to the movement you need
    • The latest studies on how periodic fasting, AGEs (advanced glycation end-products), gut bacteria, and workplace interventions can help beat blood sugar
    • Tools for tracking your diet, planning doctor visits, monitoring your medication, and more
    • More than 40 recipes for fresh, delicious, comforting meals, including French fries and chocolate cookies
    With more than 700 practical tips and simple solutions drawn from the latest science, Reverse Diabetes Forever will help you take charge of your blood sugar once and for all. Learn More
  9. Taste of Home Diabetes Cookbook

    Taste of Home Diabetes Cookbook

    Regular Price: $17.99

    Special Price: $14.99

    Looking to eat healthier?
    Need to cut back on sugar and carbs?
    Cooking for someone on a special diet?

    With Taste of Home Diabetic Cookbook it’s a snap to serve mouthwatering sensations that everyone at the table will savor…whether they’re following a diabetic diet or not. Inside this all-new collection, you’ll find 370 mouthwatering dishes, each accompanied by a complete set of Nutrition Facts and Diabetic Exchanges. All of these must-try recipes were reviewed by a Registered Dietician, tested at the Taste of Home Test Kitchen and approved by a tasting panel—so they’re ideal for everyone!  Best of all, these recipes come from today’s family cooks who are happy to share the satisfying favorites their families adore!


    • 370 Diabetic-Friendly Recipes. Eating right has never been easier than with this incredible collection of dishes. In fact, family cooks shared the 370 dishes that passed their family’s taste test and ours.
    • Nutrition Facts and Diabetic Exchanges.  You’ll find a complete set of facts with every recipe. Planning a nutritious meal for the entire family has never been easier.
    • Skinny Slow-Cooker Chapter. That’s right! You’ll even find an entire section of savory slow-cooked favorites ideal for the diabetic lifestyle, busy families and hurried home cooks. What could be better than coming home to the heartwarming aroma of a simmering dinner? One that’s healthy, too! And you’ll find more than 30 of them in this popular chapter!
    • Simple Preparation. Planning meals for someone with diabetes? There’s no need to be intimidated with the simply sensational recipes found here. Featuring common ingredients and step-by-step instructions anyone can prepare these unbeatable classics.
    • Outstanding Variety. Eating right doesn’t mean a lack of options. Here, you’ll find palate-pleasing dishes for any occasion—from breakfast and lunch to dinner and dessert. You’ll even find recipes for savory appetizers, breads and rolls, soups, sandwiches and more.
    • Smart Advice. In addition to kitchen hacks and recipe hints, you’ll find tips regarding grocery shopping, snacking, curbing cravings and more to help you outline a blueprint for healthy-living success.
    Learn More
  10. Reader's Digest Kitchen Cures

    Reader's Digest Kitchen Cures


    Kitchen Cures: Homemade Remedies for Your Health

    Kitchen Cures provides you with more than 1000 of these proven remedies of yesteryear, helping you to save money, save time, and heal faster and more safely.
    Did you know that home remedies often rival or even exceed the healing power of drugstore medicines? The proof is in: Recent studies have shown that aloe gel improves psoriasis better than prescription cream; walnuts and canned fish lower cholesterol levels; green tea can help you lose weight; and more. Kitchen Cures brings the proven remedies of yesteryear into the homes of today! New research is revealing the most effective ways to use ginger, lemon, spices, olive oil, and hundreds of other timeless kitchen staples for health and healing, much as our grandparents once did. And it's all gathered here in one comprehensive, practical guide.  (hard cover)

    Learn More

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