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Intelligent Design or Non-Intelligent Design?

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Intelligent Design or Non-Intelligent Design?

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Quick Overview

You don?t hear people arguing that there can be such a thing as ?non-intelligent? design?and yet even though people generally recognize design when they see it, many won?t acknowledge the intelligence behind that design. Intelligent people believing in non-intelligent design leads to an obvious question: How can anything be designed with no intelligence guiding its design and construction?

Author Keith Ericson doesn?t focus on religion in this study, but instead maintains that

? a ?powerful intelligence? must be behind the design of the human body;

? many doctors have a hard time accepting evolution as fact instead of theory;

? families want their children to get both sides of the story; and

? common sense and logic must be used when examining science.

Ericson also provides a test at the end of the book that you can take to see how much you know before reading and once more when you?re done, to see how much you?ve learned.

By learning about the human body, its microscopic makeup, and the ways that everything works, you can discover insights that may leave you questioning your assumptions about humanity and existence.

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